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Spawn 3-Inch Trading Figures Checklist


Series 1

Row A


The Curse

The Redeemer

Zombie Spawn

Row B

Santa Spawn

Gate Keeper

Raven Spawn


Row C

Wings Of Redemtion

Spawn The Black Knight

Mandarin Spawn

Spawn i.85

Series 2

Group A


Manga Spawn


Pirate Spawn

Group B

Samurai Spawn

Spawn 4

Spawn I 95


After you finish modifying your checklist, click "Get Feed".   This will alter the text area below the Get Feed button.   Right click on the text area and select "Select All".   Right click on the text area again and choose "Copy".   Open a text editor like "Notepad" and right click in notepad and select "Paste".   Save this new document to your computer.  

When you wish to return to this checklist and make modifications to your collection, reverse the process.   Open the document you saved.   Select all the text in the document and "Copy" it.   Select all the text in the text area on the checklist and delete it.   Right click and "Paste" your text into the text area.   Click "Add Feed".   Your collection should be listed.  

My collection is listed by default :)

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