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  1. Use this web enabled action figure database to keep track of your action figure collection online.

  2. Use the registration page to register, and the change password page to change your password.

  3. To signup enter a user name, password, email, location and confirm password.

    Email and location are optional   You can leave them blank.   If you enter your email address, I will not sell it or share it to any mailing list outside   For your location put either your country, province, state, city, town, village, planet, leave blank, or any combination thereof.   If you're under 14 don't enter your email or location.

  4. To login enter your user name, password, select the action figures and click "Enter".

  5. To change your password enter your user name, old password, new password, and confirm new password.

  6. Use the Directory to browse someone else's collection, if they allow that feature.   The Directory will list all the members sorted by the latest who've logged in.  

  7. After logging in successfully you will get the Checklist Page.   Click on File Card on the top right side to open your private File Card.   The File Card will show the information you have entered, and a checkbox to activate/deactivate your Browsable Status.   You can also set options for not allowing periodic mails (Mailable) from (New Features Etc.)   The Show Email checkbox will allow your email address to be seen by people on your summary list.

  8. Click on Multi to display any combination of the figure lines groups.   Hold down the Control key (Ctrl) and highlight any of the groups in the select box and click "Ok".

  9. Click "Totals" on the top menu to open the Totals Page.   The Totals Page will show the cumulated totals of each figure in all users collections.   It will also show the cumulated totals of all figure lines and the quantity of figures checked on the Checklist.

  10. Click the Current Members name near the top to open that members Profile Page.   The Profile Page will give a text summary of the amount of figures you have in each figure line, as well as the quantity and percentage.  

  11. Back on the Checklist Page, click on the figures checkbox or the image of the figure to check or uncheck it.   Click on the space below the checkbox, this will open the figures Properties Box.   You may enter the Quantity you own of the figure.   If you own 3 Cobras, check Cobra then open its Properties and enter 3.   If you own 1 Cobra, you only need to check Cobra.   The Figure Type will change the colour of the checkbox under a figure.

    MOC (M)  Complete (C)  Loose (L)

  12. On the Checklist Page click the Save button to save your changes.  

  13. Click Search at the top to find which Browsable Users have a specific figure.   Select the Figure Type you're looking for, then click on a figure's name, and you will get a list of members who have checked that figure in their collection.   You may also use the Figure Search box, which will show figures that begin with or contain a specified keyword.   While in G.I.Joe, try typing in Viper, using the two options (beginning with and containing) and see the different results.  

  14. Click Logout on the top right, to logout and go back to the Login Page.  

  15. If you have any Questions, comments or complaints email me - .

  16. I hope you enjoy using this site.

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